Each group eats a picnic lunch together every day

Our Lunch periods are hour-long blocks that take up the middle portion of the day between the morning activities and the afternoon ones. Lunch is a time for the campers to take a break from all the movement and activity of the morning so that they can gain the energy they need for the rest of the afternoon. Each tribe has a designated tree that indicates where each tribe eats lunch. While each tribe has its own area by its tree, the tribes eat together in larger spaces based on their section; there are three different lunch areas for the Fox, Bear, and Eagle sections. After the tribe is finished eating lunch, the campers can engage in some free play in the lunch areas supervised by the counselors. This period provides time for campers to engage with campers in their own tribes and campers in other tribes in a number of various activities, often up to the interest and imagination of the campers themselves. Lunch is an important time that allows for the combination of refueling and free time for the campers.

*Please note that we do not allow campers to bring peanuts and peanut products, and the sharing of food among campers is also not allowed. Please see Food Policy under Parent Info for more details.