Closing Exercises

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Closing Exercises take place at the end of every camp day and provide some of Sewataro’s greatest traditions.

Each day the entire camp gathers at the site of Closing Exercises and eagerly await the performances that everyone will see. This period provides a chance for a number of tribes or groups to present skits or songs that they have been hard at work on and wish to share with the whole camp. These performances allow for tribes to come together under a common purpose and engage with the camp community by sharing their talents and offering appreciation of others. After these performances comes the Green Gizmo presentation, one of the favorite camp traditions that provides entertainment to the camp all summer long through the silly tasks given to various counselors. Following this, the camp comes together in a camp-wide sing-a-long as campers and staff participate in performing popular camp songs through song and dance. Although closing exercises have been modified slightly due to Covid, they still provide a satisfying end to the camp day for the entire Sewataro community!