Rainy Days


Inclement weather is a reality of summer camp in New England, but a rainy day from start to finish significantly hinders our ability to effectively manage the Covid mitigation strategies required by the state. For 2021, we reserved the right to cancel camp if the forecast calls for a complete “washout” (rainy or severe weather for the entire day). Our goal would be to communicate any closure the night before, however we do reserve the right to cancel up until 6:15am the morning of camp, or to dismiss camp early, if that is the safest option for our campers and staff. (Please make sure that your contact information is correct and that you are registered for our texting service.) If we do need to cancel camp more than two times in any two-week session, we will refund your tuition for the additional cancelled days in that two-week period.

Inclement weather is a reality of summer camp in New England, and in preparation for such occurrences, we ask that you either send in a raincoat that can stay here at camp, or that you send one in on days when the forecast calls for rain (or possible rain). Additionally, we strongly suggest sending in a warm sweatshirt, or long-sleeved shirt, that can remain in your camper’s crate in case of chilly weather. Camp is often cooler than the forecast shows! PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS.

Our Activity Staff all have exciting and engaging contingency plans waiting in the wings, should an activity be interrupted by rain. There are ample covered shelters throughout the camp, where counselors will run alternate activities. As long as it is safe to do so, we will remain on our regular schedule, moving from shelter to shelter at the usual times.

As you know, your child’s safety and well-being are our number one concern. In the case of weather that requires us to stay in one place, the entire camp will congregate at Liberty Lodge, our largest and safest structure on the property. Here, we will participate in pre-planned, camp-wide activities and entertainment.

It is extremely rare that we would need to dismiss campers early due to weather. Should this happen, you will be notified by email and text.