Sudbury Residents

Scholarship Information

We are very excited to partner with the Town of Sudbury to share the Camp Sewataro experience with children in town who may not otherwise have the opportunity to access it. Our shared goal is for all of our scholarship campers to be prepared to truly experience and enjoy every moment of their time with us, and to work together to create lifelong memories.

Requirements: Scholarship applicants must be Sudbury residents entering Kindergarten through grade six in the fall of 2022. Please note that there are a limited number of scholarship slots available in each age/gender group, and placements will be made based upon availability and confirmation of the child’s capacity to meet the guidelines for participation in the program.

Attendance: Campers are expected to attend every day of the session in which they are enrolled. Exceptions are made for illness or unforeseeable circumstances, however we believe that consistent attendance and participation is a critical part of the camp experience.

Bring to camp: Campers are responsible for bringing their own peanut- and treenut- free lunch to camp daily (or purchasing a catered lunch in advance). A bathing suit, towel, sunscreen for reapplication, flip flops or crocs to wear to and from swimming, and sneakers are required.

Transportation: Campers arrive daily via car or bus. Bus transportation is available and extended day is available at a discounted rate to scholarship campers, and must be arranged in advance with the camp.

Camp Day: The camp day is a busy one, with most days comprised of two periods of swim and four other activities, including team and individual sports, fishing and boating, nature exploration, and visual and creative arts. Campers should be prepared to engage in a wide range of experiences, both familiar and new.

Essential Eligibility Criteria for Participation in Camp Sewataro:

Campers with Disabilities
As a traditional day camp, Camp Sewataro does not specialize in serving campers with special needs, including physical, social/emotional, or behavioral disabilities. However, we strongly believe in the value of inclusion, and are happy to make any accommodations that we can reasonably support, on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions or concerns about Camp Sewataro’s fit for your child, please call us at (978) 443-3100 (or email Amy directly at ), prior to submitting an online application.

Camp Sewataro – Sudbury Resident Scholarship – 2022 Criteria

As part of our commitment to our local community, Camp Sewataro is delighted to be offering a limited number of scholarships to the children of Sudbury residents! There are a few different potential scholarship levels available, depending upon the income eligibility guidelines below. Aside from income, we look at the number of children in the household and extenuating factors such as family member illness, family members in college, etc.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Camper candidate must be a Sudbury resident.
  2. Income Eligibility Guidelines: Annual combined household income*:
    a). of less than $100,000 AND household size of 2-4 are eligible for a 50% camper scholarship**
    b). of less than $100,000 AND household size of 5+ are eligible for a 75% camper scholarship**
    c). of less than $130,000 AND household size of 5+ are eligible for a 50% camper scholarship**
  3. Scholarships are limited in availability and must be applied for before December 31, 2021 for the 2022 Camp Season

**Availability in desired session is not guaranteed, as openings are limited based on camper age and gender

*The list below (How to Apply Items 1-3) will help give us a clear picture of scholarship eligibility.

How to Apply

  1. Complete an Online Scholarship Application
  2. Mail, fax or email a copy of your 2020 Tax Return to: 1 Liberty Ledge, Sudbury MA 01776 or 978-433-8153. Social Security numbers should be blackened out for privacy.
    ~ If you are submitting a “self-prepared” tax return, please also submit your W-2 (as evidence of your annual combined household income).
  3. In the case of divorced parents, please include evidence of agreed upon child support.
    Please note: Camp Sewataro reserves the right to request any of the following documents (in addition to above) in order to fulfill the “annual combined income” criteria.
    a). Last two pay stubs
    b). Unemployment check stubs (last two)
    c). Retirement/pension income
    d). State Assistance (WIC, TANF, AFDC and/or DHCP)
    e). Self-Employed: Schedule C or other appropriate tax form
  4. Once we have received your supporting documentation, we will start the review process and will reach out with any questions. Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your specific request based on limited availability.

All scholarship information will be confidential and treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity to your family’s privacy.