For all campers in the Fox (including Junior Camp) and Bear sections

2022 Fox & Bear Overdays: July 19 and Aug 16


Note: Enrollment in camp includes participation in the Overday.

Please use the online Overday RSVP form, letting us whether or not your child will attend by the Thursday prior.

(Children not staying go home as usual at 3:45pm.)

Please be prepared to show ID when picking up your child.
If you are planning to have someone other than a parent pick up your child from the Overday, please send a signed note giving your permission with your child that morning.

*We serve cheese pizza, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, Lays potato chips, Mott’s fruit punch and Hood ice cream sandwiches for dinner.


For all campers in the Eagle (including Senior Camp) Section

2022 Eagle Overnights: July 7 and Aug 11
2022 Senior Camp Overnights: June 30 and Aug 10

Groups will set up tents, swim, play games, have a cookout dinner, play some more and make s’mores over a campfire.




S’mores: Graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and Marshmallows. Yum!


*If your child has allergies and you are concerned about the food, we ask that you please provide alternatives.

What to Bring
Please send the following in a bag labeled with camper’s name, group, and Bus # or PD letter.

For the Next Day:

*Please include a second lunch labeled with camper name and group. This will be collected the morning of the Overnight and kept refrigerated until lunch the next day. Put both lunches in your camper’s regular day bag and everything else in a separate overnight bag.

Please complete the online Overnight RSVP form indicating whether or not your child will stay for the Overnight.