Group Placement/Friend Request

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At Camp Sewataro we provide a place for your child to make new friends, and connect with old friends

The deadline for submitting a friend request is February 1st.

Our Grouping Policy
Campers are grouped by grade, and length of session whenever possible (campers coming for 2 and 4 week long sessions are placed together and 6 and 8 week long session campers are placed together). This allows for optimal opportunities for bonding with campers here at the same time and progression at activities for those who are here for a longer stay. Depending on enrollment for each grade, groups may have two grade levels in one group.

Enrollment can significantly change group makeup from year to year, and your child may not be placed with the same children every year. If it’s important that your child is with a specific friend, make sure to submit your friend request.

Your child may request one friend to be placed with on the camper application or by filling out the “Friend Request” form in your CampInTouch account. Your child’s friend must be entering the same grade in the fall and coming for a compatible session. Mutual requests are more likely to be honored. We make every effort to honor these requests, but they are not guaranteed. If we are unable to honor your request, you will be notified prior to camp.

Our Philosophy
Two large parts of our mission are creating a sense of community and teaching children the skills required to develop authentic friendships. We want our campers to come away feeling like they are part of something bigger; a family of sorts. This philosophy is what drives our grouping policies, specifically the one request limit and length of session groupings. We understand that for some campers, attending camp with a friend is crucial. Many others come to camp without a friend request, hoping to make new connections. We ask that you consider our mission and our community in making your request.

New for 2023 – Optional Mixed/All Gender Groups

Enrollment FAQs

How will the addition of mixed/all gender groups affect the enrollment process?

As always, we are committed to a fair and transparent enrollment process. We will continue to enroll in order of longevity and timestamp, regardless of your choice of group.

When completing your camper’s application, you will be asked to choose whether or not you would like to enroll them in a mixed/all gender group. There will be a follow-up question asking if, in the event that the group you chose is full, you would be willing to enroll your camper in the other group. If you answer no, and the group you have chosen is full, we will reach out to you to let you know.

What will the makeup of the mixed/all gender groups be in terms of grade and/or session breakdown?

This is hard to know for sure until we see how applications come in, but based on percentages from survey feedback, it is likely that there will be one mixed/all gender group per grade and that it will be a mix of campers coming for 2, 4, 6, or 8 week sessions. This will be different from how we typically organize our groups. Whenever possible, we group campers by length of session; campers coming for 2 or 4 week sessions are grouped together and campers coming for 6 or 8 week sessions are grouped together.

If I request a mixed/all gender group, is it guaranteed? Will there be a mixed/all gender group for every age group?

The number and breakdown of mixed/all gender groups will depend on interest. Since this is our first year offering this option, we don’t yet know how popular our mixed/all gender groups will be. There may be some grades that don’t have enough interest to create a mixed/all gender group; there may also be a mixed/all gender group that is a combination of two grades.

Will mixed/all gender groups be equally distributed between male/female/non-binary campers?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee the gender makeup of our mixed/all gender groups, as it will depend on the interest and first-come-first-serve availability in those groups.

How will this impact friend requests?

Your choice of a single or mixed/all gender group will supersede your friend request, similar to how your choice of session (2/4 week campers are grouped together, and 6/8 week campers are placed in a separate group) supersedes friend requests. If your camper has a friend that they must have with them, please be sure to check with their friend to ensure that your group/enrollment choices line up. Friend requests are not guaranteed, although we do our very best to accommodate one friend request per camper.

How will mixed/all gender groups be staffed?

The staffing for mixed/all gender groups would reflect the makeup of the group.

How will you handle changing?

Groups already change in two shifts, half of the group at a time, with a counselor supervising. In the case of a mixed/all gender group, we would give the opportunity for male or female identifying campers to change first, and then switch, continuing to offer the option of a private changing tent for anyone who wishes to use it.

How will you handle Overnights?

In the case of mixed/all gender groups, campers will sleep in tents with similarly identifying campers and/or where they are most comfortable. Changing will happen in a similar fashion to our daily swim changing.

If my camper changes their mind, can they change groups?

After our enrollment process is complete, it is extremely difficult to make changes, as groups do tend to fill up. Changes will be contingent upon availability.

If we choose a mixed/all gender group this year, are we locked into that choice going forward?

No. Next year you will be free to make a different choice.