Tom Stevens (Campcraft)


Tom Stevens has all the essentials to lead our Campcraft program. Eagle Scout? Check. Extensive Outdoors/Camping experience? Check. A passion for s’mores? Check and check! “My extensive experience in marshmallow culinary arts has taught me that there are two equally valid methods of cooking s’mores. You can either burn the mallow, and enjoy it sooner, or take the time to cook it to golden brown perfection, and enjoy it slightly more.” Like we said, all the essentials. :)

Tom is a rising senior at UMass-Lowell (English major), who was born in Black Forrest, Germany, and lived there until the age of two when his family moved to Maynard. Growing up, Tom went on countless camping trips with his family and with the Boy Scouts, including a ten-day backpacking trip in New Mexico, and a nine-day canoe trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada. These experiences, Tom says, are what helped cultivate his love and appreciation of The Great Outdoors. “Above all, though, it was fun.” Tom enjoys sharing that same sense of wonder – and fun – with our campers, and he’s looking forward to his 2nd summer at the Campcraft helm. “I’m excited to impress upon the kids that the outdoor experience really is worthwhile…so they don’t grow up and miss out on a huge variety of life experiences.” Tom is a musician, who’s played in various bands over the years. In addition to music, he enjoys running, reading, writing and watching History documentaries.