Teddy Truex (Boating)


Originally from Sudbury, MA, Teddy is a rising senior at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. A four-year alumni camper, this is Teddy’s first year on staff at Sewataro. His favorite memories include “themed Fridays (specifically the Olympics), winning spirit awards, and all of the various cheers.” Teddy also spent five years as a camper at Camp Kieve, a wilderness tripping camp in Maine. This past summer, Teddy completed his time as a camper by hiking the last 170 miles of the Appalahian Trail with his six cabin mates over the course of 22 days! "Overall I would say I am definitely a ‘camp person.’ "

Teddy is currently studying abroad in Zaragoza, Spain, and has learned to speak Spanish (“mostly”) fluently. Teddy’s hobbies include skiing, lacrosse, and indoor soccer, and his hidden talent is memorizing movie quotes (“and using them more than my friends would probably like!”)
This summer Teddy is “looking forward to sharing my love of canoeing, being on the water, and teaching a new generation of campers how to paddle, as well as finally getting to take part in
green gizmo shenanigans!”