Steven Wang


Steven was a terrific Tribe Assistant over the past two summers, and this year, he’s been promoted to Tribe Leader. “I am excited to lead my own group of campers, and show them all that Camp Sewataro has to offer, in order to create memories that last a lifetime!” Steven’s favorite part of Camp? That’s easy. “…undoubtedly the opportunity to form caring relationships with campers, and watching them grow and develop during their time at camp.” Steven is a caring and intentional counselor, whose goal is to be a role model with whom campers can both have fun with and learn from. We have no doubt he’ll succeed again this summer!

Steven was born in Montreal, Canada, and lived there until he was eight years old. He now lives in Sudbury, and is a rising senior at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Steven enjoys being outdoors, loves dogs, and his favorite color is blue. Additionally, he plays the saxophone and snowboards, though not at the same time. ;)