Sofia di Tommaso (Crafts)


Third year staffer Sofie di Tommaso is looking forward to rolling up her sleeves and getting messy in her new digs this summer. “I’m so excited to be in Crafts! It’s always fun to see the campers get creative and try new things. I’m also excited to get to spend an activity period with some of my past campers, and to meeting campers from across all the different tribes!” Sofie’s favorite things about Sewataro? In addition to the spirit, energy and teamwork that abound, “…I also love the moments when something ‘clicks’ for a camper, like when a camper discovers they actually enjoy an activity that they were dreading, or when a camper masters a skill that was originally difficult for them. I hope to make some of these moments happen this summer at Crafts,” she says.

Sofie is a rising sophomore at Emory University, where she’s studying Environmental Science. She enjoys running, writing, reading, hiking and crafting. Last summer Sofie was a Bear Tribe Leader, and prior to that a Fox Tribe Assistant. Previously, Sofie was a volunteer counselor at “High Hopes,” a therapeutic horse farm in Connecticut. Her hidden talents include playing piano and juggling.