Samantha Thyne (Supervisor)


This summer marks Sam’s 7th year on staff, and we’re delighted she’s back again as a Waterfront supervisor. “There’s no better way to spend a summer than hanging out with great kids and some of the nicest, happiest people on earth,” she says. Sam graduates from Emmanuel College this May with a degree in Art Therapy. Up next is grad school at UMass Boston, where Sam will pursue a degree in School Counseling. Her hobbies include painting, music and cooking, and her “hidden talents” include wiggling her nose like a bunny and finger painting. (Sam’s finger painting skills never cease to amaze campers and staff alike each year at the Counselor Talent Show!) Her favorite part of camp is witnessing the connections that form between campers and their counselors, and seeing campers’ relationships turn into long-term friendships.