Sam Schiffman (Swim)


Sam, a.k.a. “Schiffty,” is “counting the days” until his first year on staff; it’s a position that’s been nine years in the making. “…ever since my first year as a camper, I have loved Camp Sewataro,” he says. “Throughout the years, I have had some great counselors, who have inspired me to become a counselor myself…it seems so cool to be able to make kids’ summers as great as possible, and I hope as a counselor I can make that happen,” he says.

Schiffty is a rising junior at Westborough High School, whose hobbies include: hockey, watching movies, playing with his dog…and eating. “My absolute favorite food is bacon,” he says. “I also make great turkey sandwiches, topped with American cheese and bacon, all resting atop a brioche bun and toasted to perfection…” :)