Sam Rueter


Sam hails from Winchester, MA, and is a Junior at Cambridge School of Weston. He attended Sewataro for eight summers (including two in our CIT program), and is excited to be back for his 2nd year on staff. “My summers at Sewataro were some of most the enjoyable and magical experiences of my childhood, and my first year on staff last year proved no exception. This year, I am incredibly excited to lead my own group of campers, and I strive to make sure that they have as much fun together as possible!” Sam says the most rewarding part of being a counselor is witnessing campers’ growth. “Seeing shy campers break out of their shells and engage in activities…or seeing more talkative campers become adept listeners and tribemates…that’s what makes the summer worthwhile for me.” And of course, Sam loves the fun and games. “I always look forward to playing crazy ball!” he says with a smile. In his free time, Sam enjoys soccer, tennis, reading, writing and poetry. He is a self proclaimed “masterful” ping pong player, as well. :)