Ryan Silverberg (Swim)


Ryan joins our Waterfront staff for his 7th Sewataro summer, and after having been a camper himself for the past six years, (including two in our CIT program), he is more than ready. “As a camper I looked up to my counselors, and was lucky to have had some positive role models. Now, I want to be the counselor that kids look up to, and I look forward to connecting with campers, and to helping make their experience as fun as possible.” For the record, Ryan’s favorite Sewataro memories are of the Eagle Overnights. “…I remember having dinner with all of my friends, and then participating in the counselor hunt, and then waking up early and having pancakes, and swimming in the pool before camp started,” he recalls.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys basketball, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. He’s also become quite the baking aficionado, as the result of both a class he’s taking at school, and many years of baking (and eating!) cookies with his sisters. :)