Ramille Romulus


Ramille returns to camp for his 5th season as both SOAR Instructor and Sports Counselor. “I enjoy seeing campers encouraging their fellow tribe mates – and/or newly found friends – to push themselves and conquer their fears of the Zip Line and other High Ropes elements,” he says.
Ramille is a beloved 8th grade History Teacher at Lexington Middle School, who holds a B.A. degree (History) from UMass-Lowell, and a Masters degree in African-American Studies and Secondary Education from Morgan State and UMass-Lowell respectively.
Ramille enjoys working with children of all ages, and connects particularly well with young adults. “I truly enjoy the experience of witnessing and participating in the intellectual and social growth of adolescence.” As for working with younger campers? “I like seeing the joy and excitement shared by campers upon earning activity pins for their spirit and/or good deeds,” he says. In his free time, Ramille enjoys bike riding, playing (and coaching) baseball, skiing and reading. Fun fact: When Ramille was 16, he performed at Carnegie Hall with his gospel choir, which placed 2nd in a national gospel competition.