Nicole R. (Sub)


Returning for another summer in her old stomping grounds in the office is Nikki! This will be Nikki’s seventh year on staff as she returns as our front office supervisor, a role she is more than qualified to succeed at. A former graduate of Maynard High School, Nikki gained her BFA in Art Education through the University of Southern Maine. An art teacher for the past four years, Nikki currently works at the Ditson Elementary School in Billerica, and was also Sewataro’s own arts and crafts head last summer. Since last year, Nikki has started grad school at The Art of Education University. In addition to all kinds of art, (including white board art, which she claims to be weirdly good at), Nikki also loves cooking, being creative, and singing. Nikki’s favorite Sewataro memory was wrangling the horses one day before the buses came in, and her favorite parts of camp are “the laughter, and hearing the cheers.” Nikki’s favorite dad/joke is: justice is best served cold. If it were served warm, it would be just water.

Maynard is Nikki’s hometown, and in her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and cooking. Her hidden talent is “wrapping gifts,” and her “fun fact” is that she once hosted a telethon. :) Welcome back, Nikki!