Nathan Latta (Eagle Section)


We’re delighted to have Nathan back for his 3rd summer as Eagle Section Supervisor (and 8th overall summer on staff). “I wouldn’t want to spend my summers anywhere else," he says. "Sewataro combines almost everything I love doing in my free time into an incredibly rewarding job.” One of Nathan’s favorite parts of camp is pulling together Friday Special Events. (Nathan himself is no stranger to Friday Specials – he’s played many a “lead” character in summers past, including Olaf (Frozen), King Kandy (CandyLand) and Charlie (of Charlie and the MTA fame), to name a few.) Additionally, Nathan is our end-of-the-day song leader, who helps bring the entire camp together in singing the camp tunes we all know and love. Nathan’s warmth, patience, kindness, and experience (he’s the former head of our Adventure Challenge program), combined with his love of working with children, has made him a valuable member of our Summer Leadership Team.

Nathan is a 2014 Graduate of University of Vermont (Psychology), and a 2010 graduate of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S., who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Elementary Special Education at Boston College. He works as a professional aide at Wellington Elementary School in Belmont.

Nathan is the eldest of four siblings, who really loves breakfast foods.