Mikey L.


Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Mikey, he makes a triumphant comeback – this time as an Extra – for his 9th year on staff, and 16th Sewataro summer overall. So, what keeps pulling Mikey back to Sewataro?

“From experience, I know that counselors can have such a positive impact on a child’s life and I want to continue to have that positive impact,” Mikey says.

Mikey is a 2021 graduate of UMass-Amherst, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Finance. This past Fall, Mikey started his “dream job” at Fidelity Investments as a Customer Relations Advocate, and lucky for us, he was willing to take some of his paid time off to come work at camp!

“I love so much about Sewataro. From the Olympics, to special events, to meeting new people and making friends, it’s all awesome. One of my best memories was star gazing during the overnights with my friends wondering what’s going on up there.”

A well rounded athlete, Mikey’s athletic feats are always thoroughly entertaining, including his annual jump rope performances at the Sewataro talent show. When not playing sports or wowing campers and counselors alike with his athleticism, Mikey enjoys analyzing movies with his friends, playing video games (especially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), and yes, practicing jumping. Fun fact: Mikey is double jointed in both of his thumbs. (“Ooh, ahh, I did not know that!”)

Welcome home, Mikey!!