Lindsey Kelly


Lindsey returns for her 12th Sewataro summer (5 years on staff and 7 years as a camper), and she’s excited for another year as a Tribe Leader. (Previously Lindsey was a WSI, and before that a Tribe Assistant.) “My favorite Sewataro memory is from my first swim lesson, when I was about six. My mom had tried everything to get me to swim underwater, but I wouldn’t do it. My swim counselor made it fun – she said we could all have an underwater tea party‚ĶI didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so I jumped right in!”
Lindsey is a rising sophomore at Boston College, studying Nursing. She enjoys sailing and running, and loves volunteering at a children’s hospital in Brighton in the mental health unit. Lindsey’s favorite Sewataro tradition is the Friday Special Events.