Kristen Drummey


Joining us for her first summer at Sewataro (but no stranger to kids or camp), Kristen is looking forward to joining the crew at Sprouts! “My two boys (ages 9 and 7) have been attending Camp Sewataro since 2013, and my older daughter started in 2014. Kate (my Sprout) and I have been hearing about how amazing Sewataro is for years, and have gotten a taste of the magic at Overdays. We can’t wait to participate in all of the fun, especially the swimming, fishing, and camper car wash this year!”

Originally from Fairport, NY, Kristen did her undergraduate degree at Colby College, majoring in Sociology and Economics, and subsequently graduated from Boston College with a PhD in Sociology. Kristen attended many day camps as a child, including Girl Scout camp and various sports camps, and was a resident camp counselor at Cape Cod Sea Camps for two years (where she met her husband in 2002!).

Kristen loves spending her summers outside with her kids – running “Camp Drummey” ;-) – and has always wanted a chance to go back to work as a camp counselor! A self-professed “terrible” juggler, Kristen is nevertheless excited to “entertain” the Sprouts campers and participate in “all of the incredible activities at Camp Sewataro”!