Johan Schoener (Swim)


Johan could not be more excited about teaching swimming lessons this summer! A long time camper, Johan is returning this summer for his ninth year at Sewataro. He is looking forward to his first year as a counselor (right out of the CIT program). “I remember how much I loved swim at camp. It was always fun and I always tough the WSI’s were so cool,” Johan says. “To come to camp this AND be a WSI? Now that’s a dream come true.” Johan has always loved the overnights and Friday Special Events at Sewataro. Johan is currently a sophmore at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and will graduate in 2020. He is an experienced bassist and has recently taken up the guitar. One of his favorite activities is spring track at LSRHS, where he is a part of the pole vault team and runs the 100 meter dash. “I can’t wait to return this summer, see all my good friends, and hopefully make some more!”