Jared Scheinberg (Swim)


Jared is a rising Senior at Concord Carlisle H.S., who plays defense on the CCHS Varsity soccer team. But that’s not all. “I love to ski during the winters, and I’m the captain of my ultimate frisbee team. I am an amazing cartwheeler, and can even cartwheel with one hand! I can also juggle oranges, but only oranges.” (Don’t even think about throwing him an apple!) Jared grew up in woodsy, picturesque Carlisle, and as a result loves all things camping and camp. A Sewataro alumnus himself (who still has the now-vintage fish plaques to prove it), Jared also spent several years at an overnight camp in Maine, which he loved. Last summer Jared joined our Waterfront staff, and now says: “I couldn’t be more excited to return to Sewataro for my second summer of fun and games!” Jared’s favorite camp Tradition is Friday Special Events.