Jack P (Pottery Head)


This summer, we are absolutely stoked to have Jack as our Pottery Lead! Jack is returning to camp after spending one summer, but he vividly remembers Friday Special Events to be a stand-out memory from his time spent at Sewataro. Since Jack has last been back at Camp, he has achieved a lot of milestones. One of the most impressive being that he graduated from University of the Arts London at the top of his class with a Bachelors in Sound Arts and Design! This summer, Jack looks forward to “allowing myself and the campers to embrace playful messiness with clay, being around my best friend (the wonderful Mr. Tim Lucey), and making new friends with the other counselors and staff!” When Jack isn’t at camp, he enjoys producing music, reading, skateboarding, doing anything artsy, taking care of his plants (and buying too many in the process), and pondering “the orb”. Under interesting facts, Jack has three separate patches of white hair on his head, he can do a “mean impression of a frog” and walk in heels (be sure to bring a pair for him to show you). Jack wanted to be a Camp Sewataro Counselor because “Having been a teacher in the past, I can’t understate how incredible it was to watch the kids grow over the course of the program, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to witness it again!” The last thing Jack wants you to know: “If you see me after class and my clothes aren’t dirty, please send help!!”