Heather Cedrone (Junior Camp)


Sewataro “Lifer” Heather Cedrone returns for her triumphant 14th camp season. “I knew Sewataro was my home away from home the minute I drove up the driveway,” she says. Heather’s specialty is working with preschoolers, and she’s eager for Junior Camp to begin. “It might sound really cliche, but I truly want to have a positive impact on children. I love getting them engaged in activities and helping them become the best they can be while having an amazing time at camp.” Heather is a Lead Preschool Teacher at The Apple Orchard School in Brookline, who holds a holds a Master’s Degree from Lesley University (Specialist Teacher of Reading), and a Lead Teacher Certification through the Dept. of Early Education and Care. Among her many talents and hobbies (including the ability to pick things up with her feet and toes), Heather enjoys baking, cleaning, working out and story telling.
Fun fact: Heather is related to the poet Robert Frost.