Heather C. (Fox Supervisor)


Heather returns for her incredible 20th Sewataro summer, and this year moves from Junior Camp Head to Fox Section Supervisor.

Camp wouldn’t be the same without her. “I’m a Lifer! I knew Sewataro was my home away from home the minute I drove up the driveway,” she says. And for nineteen summers and counting, Heather has been delighting campers with her creative, unique, intentional, and FUN approach to the summer camp experience. “It’s a love that comes from inside,” Heather says of working with our youngest campers; “It might sound cliched, but I truly want to have a positive impact on children. I love getting them engaged in activities and helping them become the best they can be, while having an amazing time at camp.”

During the school year she is a Kindergarten Teacher at The Apple Orchard School in Brookline, and especially loves exploring nature with children. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University, and a Director I and II Certification through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. Recently, Heather became a member of the nonprofit organization Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools. She has also completed Michelle Garcia Winner’s Level 1 Clinical Training intensive, which focuses on building children’s social skills. Among her many talents and hobbies (including the ability to pick things up with her feet and toes), Heather enjoys baking, cleaning, relaxing by the fire, playing online games, working out and storytelling. Fun fact: Heather is related to the poet Robert Frost. :)