Hannah Weiss (Senior Camp)


Summers at Sewataro are tradition for Hannah (sixteen years and counting!), and in her words: “This place is home to me…I can’t imagine a summer anywhere else.” Back for her sixth year on staff, Hannah is “SO PSYCHED” to be at the helm of the mighty, mighty Hopi tribe (Senior Camp girls). Hannah is known for her outgoing personality, sense of fun, and her love of camp, which she shares freely with all. “…I love getting to see campers make friendships and having a good time together, because I get it…some of the friendships I made as a Sewie camper are strong to this day. Sewataro is a magical place that has so many opportunities for growth and cool experiences,” she says.

Hannah is also passionate about the performing arts, and says this spark was first ignited here at camp. “My tribe performed ‘Everybody Wants to be a Pima’ at the Overday my first year…it was the first time I’d performed in front of a huge crowd and I loved it!” She’s been singing, dancing and acting ever since. Hannah grew up in Sudbury, and is a junior at Brandeis University studying Elementary Education.