Grace Migliozzi


Grace is a senior at Proctor Academy, and originally hails from Sudbury. She’s excited to be back at Sewataro, where she attended as a camper for 5 summers. “I loved my experience! Sewataro was always a place where enthusiasm was encouraged, and crazy creativity was to be expected.” Her best Sewataro memory? “The Green Gizmo. Nothing was more exciting than seeing one of your counselors (graciously) take a pie in the face!” Grace’s hobbies include singing, dancing, crafts, travel and musical theater. She was a counselor at Sudbury’s town camp for two years, and she currently plays Disney Princesses for children’s teas. “I’ve been Belle, Cinderella and Elsa.” She credits her own Sewataro counselors with having inspiring her to work at camp. “They inspired me to become a counselor myself, and helped me find my passion in helping children. I hope that one day one of my campers can say the same.”