Gordon K


After a lifetime (well almost, 12 years of it) at Sewataro, Gordon returns us for a second
summer as a Group Assistant this summer. “I was a Delaware, Huron, Seminole,
Cayuga, Tuscarora, Choctaw, Senior Camp twice, and CIT twice.” Gordon fondly recalls
his favorite memory of getting a triple crown in archery (bullseye, all six on, and the
weekly challenge). Outside of being a camp lifer, Gordon will be studying business at Boston College in the coming year, and has worked as a local referee for the past four years. Gordon also loves biking and hiking, and spending time in the outdoors. So why did Gordon choose
to come back to camp as a counselor? “I very much enjoyed my time as a camper, and I
want to try to recreate that experience for others. I’m especially looking forward to the
Overdays, as I haven’t been to one for at least 5-6 years.” We can’t wait to experience it
all with you Gordon!