Doug Hamilton


“Sewataro feels like my summer home,” says twenty-one year veteran, Dougie Hamilton, who spent 8 summers as a camper before joining Staff 13 years ago. (For the record, his favorite camper memory is “…the time my tribe, the Choctaw, made it into the town newspaper for skipping all over camp for a full week.” :)) Dougie’s had a long and storied past with Sewataro, and has a fabulous memory to boot, which makes him the sought-after resource for Sewataro history and trivia. :)

Doug’s hometown is Sudbury, and he’s a 2009 graduate of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S., who went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree (History) from Skidmore College in 2013. Doug then completed two Master’s Degrees at the University of Toronto, in Medieval Studies (2016) and French Literature (2017), and currently he’s a doctoral student at Fordham University, where just won the First Year Graduate Student Essay Prize in Medieval Studies (yay, Dougie!). Doug’s hobbies include guitar, music, movies, gaming, and Latin.