Danny Flannery


Standing proud and tall at 6’3", Tribe Leader Danny Flannery warns not to let his height fool you. “I’m simultaneously one of the tallest people you’ll meet, and one of the worst at basketball…or honestly at anything that requires much coordination!” Danny is a graduate of Northeastern University (Masters of Arts in Teaching), and is currently teaching 1st/2nd grade at the Mission Hill School in Jamaica Plain. “Working with children is my passion,” he says. Danny originally hails from Palisades, NY, and graduated from Northeastern in 2014 with a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience. He is a self-proclaimed “camp guy,” who spent six summers at a day camp in New York. This will be Danny’s third summer on our staff, and we have no doubt he’ll continue to bring the same passion, enthusiasm and creativity that parents have described as “extraordinary.” Danny’s hobbies include making and solving puzzles, and “anything involving a trampoline.”