Cate Ruland (Bus 12 N. Weston/ Wayland)


A Wayland native, Cate is currently a rising sophomore at Trinity College majoring in Economics. Cate has ridden the bus as a camper, a CIT, a counselor, and now for her second summer as a bus monitor. She knows how important it is to ensure that campers feel safe and comfortable while riding the bus, but also make the bus ride go by quickly by making it fun! In her own words, “I am organized and responsible, but also love to be silly and have fun! Safety is my number one priority, but I make the bus rides an extension of the camp day with songs, games, and trivia. It’s awesome to get to spend extra time with campers and get to know the campers and families!” Cate can’t wait to reconnect with previous campers and welcome new campers and build a sense of community within her bus. “I love getting to interact with campers from various age groups and watch them form unique friendships outside of their tribes.”