Carly C. (Senior Camp Head)


We’re thrilled to have Carly back for her 18th summer at Sewataro (10th on staff)! And after all these years, Carly’s favorite part of camp remains the same: “…hanging out with the kids all day! I love working with kids, and the Sewataro community.” (Note: she also loves S’mores weeks. :))

Summers at Sewataro are a family tradition for Carly. “Between the mid-60’s and mid-70’s, my grandfather was one of the Camp Directors for seven years, and then was the Waterfront Director for three years. My mom and her siblings were campers and then counselors for a number of years in the 80’s. So following in our family tradition, my cousins and I all attended camp when we were younger, and some of us went through the CIT program and now work as counselors!” Carly graduated from St. Lawrence in 2020 with a major in English Literature and minors in Global Studies and Education Studies. In her free time, Carly enjoys baking, reading and spending time with friends.