Ava C


A longtime camper and then C.I.T, Ava is a Sewatarian through and through. “As a Camper I was in the Yakima, Nipmuc, Navajo (twice), Chinook, and Senior Camp (twice) and then CIT for two years!” This year she returns for her second summer as a Group Leader, and she can’t wait to get started! “I want to provide new campers with the same wonderful experience I had here! The counselors I had have shaped me into the person I am and I want to do the same for new campers!”

Amongst all of her camp memories, the overnights, spirit awards, and Olympics stand out as her favorites. Ava has even kept all of her spirit awards from over the years as a camper!

Ava is a rising sophomore at Penn State University, where she is studying Theater. In addition to acting and singing, Ava also loves baking in her free time. :)