Anna Creonte (Bus 12 Wellesley/ Weston)


Anna hails from Wellesley, and says she’s looking forward to leading the Bus 12 campers in safe, spirit-filled travel each day. “As a kid, I always remember having fun on the bus with my fellow campers…as a bus monitor, I plan on bringing this [same] positivity and good vibes to the bus rides!” A senior at Northfield Mount Hermon, (who will head to college this fall), Anna has spent many hours traveling by bus with her teammates. “…one of the best parts of playing sports at a boarding school is that we often have to travel on long bus rides to compete. Instead of dreading these bus rides, my teams and I have often used these hours as opportunities to bond and grow closer as a team, which is the energy I would like to bring to [the Bus 12 community].” Anna says she’s most looking forward to getting to know her bus campers, and to meeting their parents and families, as well.