Anna Cass (Adventure Challenge Head)


Anna is so excited to be back with us this summer, as the Head of Adventure Challenge! She has over six years experience at our ropes course, and has been a member of the Sewataro family for over a decade. Every summer brings new memories and new opportunities for growth, and Anna is hoping that this summer the “Inch by Inch” song might help her grow taller than her brother, who’s known around Camp as “Audio Phil.” And while Anna has never seen a real Green Alligator on the camp grounds, she did see a frog once down at Golf. ;-)

When she isn’t studying the hand motions to Rattlin’ Bog, Anna’s studying Health Policy at Brandeis University, painting, or hanging out with her Improv troupe. We couldn’t help but notice that Anna had a gleam in her eye as she left our interview… she mentioned something about rubber ducks. We’re not sure what that means, but we hope you’ll find out at Adventure Challenge this summer!