Andy Bresnahan


After three summers on the Waterfront, Andy is ready to towel off and take on a new role: Tribe Leader! “Being a Sewataro counselor is a blast…I have just as much fun as the campers, and I love to watch them have fun and grow throughout the summer. [Camp is] the perfect combination of everything I love to do – spending time with children, being active and being outdoors!” Andy is most looking forward to swimming with her tribe during Free Swim, and she always enjoys the Eagle section Overnights (“I love going to the night swim!”).

Andy is a rising sophomore at The University of Maine, where she’s majoring in Nursing. When home from school, Andy works as a swim teacher and lifeguard at Atkinson Pool in Sudbury and volunteers at Emerson Hospital. Andy is also a varsity athlete (soccer and lacrosse), who also enjoys biking, running, “telling corny jokes,” photography, trips to the beach and spending time with friends. A self-proclaimed fairy-house-making expert (“from my years at Sewataro…”), Andy is a distant relative of Johnny Appleseed (how do ya like them apples?!), who can wiggle her ears, make her eyes go in opposite directions and recite the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order. (That’s talent!)