Andy Bresnahan (Supervisor)


We are thrilled to welcome Andy Bresnahan to the Waterfront Supervisory Team, and have no doubt she’ll do an outstanding job. Andy spent her first 3 Sewataro summers on the Waterfront (WSI), and last summer she was an Eagle Tribe Leader. “I’m so incredibly excited to step into the role of Waterfront Supervisor. Teaching swim lessons has always been the highlight of my days at Camp, and I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm, fun stories, and tips with the Waterfront team!”

Andy hails from Maynard, and is a rising junior at University of Maine, where she’s studying nursing, with a minor in psychology. In addition to being a student, Andy is a Resident Assistant, an Admissions Ambassador, and a student nurse at long-term care facility in Bangor, ME. She attended high school at Cambridge School of Weston, and in her free time enjoys hiking, biking, making calzones, and trips to the beach. Fun fact: Andy has a red-eared slider turtle named Henry!