Amy Podolsky (Community & Events)


Returning for her 10th Sewataro summer after a brief hiatus, Amy is excited to be back and to take on the newly added role of Community Engagement and Event Manager. During her five year tenure as Fox Camp Supervisor, Amy lent her passions for creative writing, event planning/coordinating, and good old fashioned camp fun to the mix each week, and she’s excited to return to these roots.

A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Amy spent several years working in television, as a Special Projects Producer, and as a Researcher for the PBS Kids show ZOOM! “Then I had my kids and changed direction. When I took the job at camp almost eleven years ago, I had no idea I was stepping into something that would become such an important part of my life. This is my summer family!”

Amy works in the camp office during the off-season, while also teaching brain health fitness classes (Ageless Grace), and training others to become Ageless Grace Educators. She loves dance and movement, creative writing, movies, binge watching great TV shows, and above all, her family and friends. Amy hails from Cherry Hill, NJ, and has been living in Sudbury for seventeen years with her husband of twenty-five years, and their two sons, Josh and Danny.