Amy Podolsky (Camp Director)


As a former camper parent, Fox Section Supervisor, Community Engagement and Event Manager, and everything in between, Amy Podolsky’s heart belongs to Sewataro in all things, big and small. In 2020 Amy stepped fully into the role of Camp Director, with a great sense of pride, privilege, and joy. "I love this camp, I love working with this team, and I cannot wait to continue doing what we do best…making sure that each day is both special and unique, and that, above all, every camper has an amazing, fun-filled, and meaningful camp experience.” Amy’s infectious enthusiasm is palpable, and she is thrilled to continue to cultivate Camp’s special sense of community, from the youngest camper to the dedicated staff members who make Sewataro their summer home.

Amy is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication. After spending several years working in television, as a Special Projects Producer, and as a Researcher for the PBS Kids show ZOOM!, Amy’s life changed direction with kids. Thankfully, those signs all led to Sewataro! And, on diving into her Camp career in 2009, Amy says, “I had no idea I was stepping into something that would become such an important part of my life…Sewataro is like home, and this is my summer family." :)

In her free time, Amy enjoys dance, yoga, creative writing, watching movies, and helping out in her community. Above all, she loves her family and friends. Amy hails from Cherry Hill, NJ, and has been living in Sudbury for eighteen years with her husband and their two sons, Josh and Danny.