Alexis Caira (Fishing Photos)


Alexis is back as Fishing Photographer, and she’s “super excited” to see all of the campers down at the fishing pond (and/or while running to and from the office, where she emails those fishing photos to camper families)! Alexis also serves as a Tribe Assistant during key times of the day (lunch and end-of-day), which allows her the opportunity to have a “home” tribe. This will be her third summer on staff, and her favorite things about Sewataro are fishing in the rain and seeing her bus campers down at the pond. :) Alexis is a rising sophomore at WPI in Worcester, and her hobbies include rowing and going for runs with her dogs on the Charles River.

Amazing fact: According to her watch, Alexis runs 5 miles a day between the fishing pond and office.
Even more amazing fact: Alexis can beat Fishing Head AJ at “Rock, Paper, Scissors” – no small feat!!