Alayne Freidel-Sobel (Fox Creative Arts)


Alayne is back for another great summer, her fourth in Creative Arts.
A Texas native with an infectious laugh, Alayne is both creative and fun! Her favorite activities include knitting, dancing, singing, walking in the woods with her dog and building fairy houses with her daughter. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 2000, with a degree in Anthropology and Classics. Alayne is passionate about both Education and Youth Involvement. She began her career as a reading teacher through Institute of Reading Development (IRD), and from there moved to Boston Public Schools. Eventually Alayne went to work for the non-profit organization Youth on Board, where she specialized in helping to rebuild the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC), an organization that advocates for the voices of students in Boston Public Schools, and empowers the student body to have a say in their education. She also ran an afterschool knitting club in Cambridge.
Fun fact/riddle: Alayne is an oldest, a youngest and a middle child!