Food Policy & Allergies

Many of our campers have food allergies

Food Policy
Nuts/nut products are not allowed in camp. Many of our campers have severe, life-threatening allergies to nuts. With their safety in mind, we ask that you not send nut butter sandwiches or any nut products in your child’s lunch. In addition, please check all food labels to be sure they do not say “contains nuts,” “may contain nuts” or “processed on machinery that also processes nut products.” In general, please do not send in candy or desserts for groups or buses. We do make exceptions if you would like to send something in for your child’s birthday: Nabisco traditional plain Oreos*, Kellogg’s original, plain Rice Krispies Treats or Pirate‚Äôs Booty. In light of the pandemic, everything has to be in single serve packages for easier/more hygienic distribution. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with these safety policies.

A snack of 2 traditional Oreos and water is provided daily.

How food allergies are handled
In addition to nuts, many of our campers have allergies to a variety of foods. Group staff are notified of all allergies and trained on how to manage them. In the case of a severe allergy in the group, counselors are extra vigilant about making sure the allergen never comes in contact with the camper. If your camper is allergic to ingredients in our daily snack (traditional Oreos) or any other food served (on Overdays/nights, s’mores, etc) we ask that you send an alternative. This “special snack” will be managed by the nurse and delivered to your child at the appropriate time.

I am particularly happy with the attention given to my daughters food allergies. I feel totally safe with her there.