COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Overall Camp Experience

Camp Program

How will grouping work?
Camp families (formerly Tribes), will stay together throughout the day, and will not be allowed to come within six feet of other camp families. Campers in individual camp families will not have social distancing restrictions, but will wear masks whenever six feet of distance cannot be maintained.

How many campers will be in each camp family?
Based on recent state guidance, the maximum in each group will be 10 campers and 2 counselors. This could change later in the summer if the CDC/ Governor Baker change their guidelines, but we will at least be starting the summer with a maximum of 10 campers, 2 counselors.

I’m trying to get a sense of how much of the day will be spent in masks.
Our plan is for campers and counselors to be in masks whenever six feet of distance isn’t maintained in a controlled way, even within groups. This means they would be in masks during many activities, but it does depend on the activity itself. For example, masks will be on during a soccer game when close contact is expected. Masks will be off during a soccer drill where campers are passing back and forth at least six feet apart. There are also plenty of opportunities for mask removal during other parts of the day, like at lunch (campers will eat six feet apart), swimming, activity introductions and debriefs, or when the group transitions or stops to rest. Overall, our plan is cautious and conservative, as we are minimizing the risk of transmission at any given time. However, if we receive new guidance suggesting masks won’t be necessary within camp families, we’ll adjust this policy accordingly.

What activities will (and won’t) be offered?
All of our activities will be offered with the exceptions of Swim Lessons, Horseback Riding, and the high elements of Adventure/Challenge (high ropes, zipline, climbing tower).

Will there still be whole-camp opening and closing meetings?
There will still be whole-camp opening and closing meetings, but they will look different. Campers and counselors will remain in their groups and sit together, and we’ll use a wider area so that groups can be spaced out from one another. Campers and counselors will wear masks during these times.

Will there be an alternative to tents or will they still be used the same way as in the past?
Tents will still be used in the same ways by individual groups (tribes). However, groups will be kept apart from each other, so we will be staggering tent access slightly so that two adjacent groups are not accessing their tents at the same time. Campers will be in masks during this time, and will enter the tent in smaller groups (every other camper, etc.)

What will lunch look like?
Groups will be separated from other groups at all times, but beyond that, lunch will largely be the same. Campers will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after lunch (as well as before and after each activity). There is no sharing of food and mats will be spaced apart. We did need to cancel our SmartLunch service, so campers will need to bring lunches each day.

What will happen in the event of bad weather?
Based on the MA DPH guidelines, we need to carefully consider how we plan for rainy days. At this time, if we have a situation in which we expect severe and/or rainy weather for the entire day, we do not plan to open camp that day. While planning for short term wet weather is something we can do, the full rainy day impacts our COVID-19 mitigation strategies tremendously. Please be prepared to keep your child at home if weather conditions require us to cancel camp for the day. We will notify families by 9pm the night before, though reserve the right to cancel by 6am that morning should the forecast shift dramatically overnight. If we need to cancel camp due to weather more than 2 times during any 2 week session, we will plan to refund your tuition for any additional cancelled days in that two week period.

Will you still run Friday activities?
Due to concerns with mixing groups, we will not be able to run our Friday Special Events as we usually do. We will run a regular activity schedule through the end of our last period on Friday. Instead, we are excited to be leaning in heavily to camp-wide spirit days each week! We’re talking coordinated outfits, themed activities, and the potential for special guests and surprises. Break out the spy goggles for “Mission: Impossible Monday”, or borrow dad’s tie for “When I Grow Up” Wednesday!

What does my camper need to bring to camp?
We have a few changes/additions to what we normally ask families to bring to camp that we want to make you aware of:

Masks -
Families will need to supply at least 2 clean cloth masks or face coverings for their child to allow for replacing the covering as needed. Masks should be cleaned daily, clearly labeled, and masks should be clearly marked to distinguish which side of the covering should be worn facing outwards. Face coverings like neck gaiters, or those with shirt clips are recommended so they are not lost throughout the day.

Life Jackets for Boating -
Due to MA DPH guidelines for disinfection of life jackets, for 2020, campers must come to camp with their own dedicated personal floatation device/life jacket that is provided by families. Life jackets must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved – USCG Approved Type III Device appropriate for your child’s weight and clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Extra towel to sit on for lunch -
Our campers typically use yoga mats to sit on for eating lunch, that are then rolled up and stored together. Due to the difficulty in disinfecting yoga mats effectively, we ask that you send an extra towel with your camper each day to sit on for lunch. Towels will come home each day to be laundered.

Sunscreen -
In a typical summer, we only allow lotion type sunscreen/insect repellent. However, since most of our campers need assistance applying sunscreen and we need to limit close interaction as much as possible, we will only be allowing spray sunscreen/insect repellent in 2020. Only counselors will be allowed to apply the spray. If you would like to provide a sunscreen stick for use on your camper’s face, that is also permitted.


We only live 5 miles away as the crow flies, but 6+ in terms of actual roads. Are we still eligible to take the bus?

How are safety protocols being ensured on the bus? Will there be less stops?
We are planning to cap our buses at 25 people each, and since the local stops will be reduced, the number of stops may also change. However, we are anticipating each stop to take longer with screening (and possibly temperature checks), so we are assuming the bus stop times will be approximately the same.

In the latest requirements from the state, it is directed that all bus riders, even those within the same group at camp, must be spaced one rider per seat in every other row. Unfortunately this means that campers will not be able to sit with other members of their group as we originally thought. Siblings may still sit together. We apologize for this change in policy. Masks are still required while on buses.

If we had previously signed up/paid for busing, but are now choosing to drive, will the bus fee be automatically refunded?
Yes, bus fees will be automatically refunded, as soon as we can get through the adjustments! Thanks in advance for your patience.

How will the Parent Driver procedures change?
Parent Drivers will be assigned a drop off and pick up window. The morning times are 8:10-8:20, 8:20-8:30 and 8:30-8:40. The afternoon times are 3:45-3:55, 3:55-4:05, 4:05-4:15. You will receive your assigned time in the mail with your Parent Driver cards.

How will Extended Day work?
Running our Extended Day program creates many challenges, as we are unable to mix campers and staff from their “family” groups. However, we do understand that for some families, Extended Day offers essential childcare. Therefore, for this summer, Extended Day will be limited only to those who have no other childcare options. Campers at Extended Day will not be able to participate in group activities per usual, and should come equipped with (and prepared for) quiet solo activities (books, coloring, etc), as we will be unable to provide the games and materials of a typical summer at Extended Day. Campers will be separate from each other, and will be supervised from a distance (at least 6 feet). If you have already signed up for Extended Day, but will now not be using it due to these parameters, please email .


Will changing for swim still happen in the tents?
Yes – no major change here. Family will change in two smaller groups, to allow for better distancing.

Will counselors have gloves for applying sunscreen?
No. We thought about that, but gloves would have to be taken off and replaced in between each camper for that strategy to be most effective, which is impractical for us. Instead, we’ll ask you to provide spray sunscreen for bodies, and we’re encouraging a sunscreen stick for faces.


What will your daily health screenings entail?
Pre-screening forms will need to be filled out by parents prior to their camper’s arrival each morning. We are currently exploring options to make this process as efficient as possible for our families. Temperature checks will be included in our daily screening plans, as well, and we are currently working with our health staff and local board of health to determine the best method for temp check.

Will staff be given temperature checks upon arrival to camp?
Staff will be completing a daily screening form, including taking their own temperature, before arriving at camp, as well as having their temperature taken and being screened by a member of our nursing staff.

What will happen if a camper or staff member displays symptoms of coronavirus?
In accordance with MA DPH guidelines, if a participant presents during Camp with symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath) of COVID-19, they will be brought to the Health Center for evaluation, and then that participant, along with any siblings, will be sent home immediately to be assessed by their health care provider. The participant’s medical provider will either rule out COVID-19 by providing an alternate diagnosis OR may recommend that the participant be tested for COVID-19. If a participant’s medical provider cannot determine that the symptom(s) is something other than COVID-19, then the participant would either need to be ruled out for COVID-19 (via negative test results), OR be quarantined at home for 14 days. Either way, the participant would not be allowed to return without a note from their healthcare provider.

If a participant is sent home with symptoms, families of that participant’s group will be notified. Should this occur, we will keep parents updated.

Sick participants who have tested COVID-19 positive OR symptomatic and presumed by their medical provider to have COVID-19, must not return until they have met the criteria for discontinuing home isolation and have consulted with their medical provider. Camp will notify families and staff about exposure while maintaining confidentiality. In addition, the Sudbury Health Department will be notified.

All participants who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive or presumed positive case will be sent home and required to stay at home for 14 days after the last day of contact with the person who is sick. If the close contact with a COVID-19 positive case happened at camp and your child is then required to quarantine, you would be refunded a pro-rated portion of your tuition.

In the circumstance of a reported COVID-19 positive participant, all potentially exposed facility areas and equipment will be closed until professionally cleaned and disinfected.

We will continue to monitor MA DPH guidelines and will make updates to these procedures as the public health authorities update their guidance.

For more information on symptoms, transmission, prevention, and when to seek medical attention, please visit the CDC website:

Enrollment, Credits and Reimbursement


Do you still have space?
Yes, we are still accepting applications, but are working our way through an extensive waitlist. If you are interested in being put on the waitlist (at no charge), please go ahead and apply at our website – (brown “Apply Now” button at the top right of the page). If/when a spot opens up, we will reach out for confirmation and payment. Full tuition will be due at time of enrollment.

I just applied as a new family. When will I know if my camper(s) will get in?
We are continuing to work our way through an extensive waitlist. Once we have completed this, we will know what we have for available space, and will post it on the “Session Availability” page. If we do have available space, we will reach out to see if you are still interested. Full tuition will be due at time of enrollment.

I am on the waitlist. When will I know if my camper(s) are will get in?
We are continuing to work our way through an extensive waitlist. Once we have completed this, we will know what we have for available space, and will post it on the “Session Availability” page. If we do have available space, we will reach out to see if you are still interested. Full tuition will be due at time of enrollment.

What if I roll over my payments but am unable to come next year?
If you choose to roll over any of your credit balance to next season but decide not to submit an application for 2021, your money will be refunded. If you decide not to join us, you would need to inform us by the 2021 refund deadline.

Will you make an exception for my <5 yr old?
As much as we would like to make exceptions, we just can’t do it in any way that would be fair to all families, or safe for all campers. All campers who attend this year must be kindergarten eligible, turning five on or before September 30th. We are truly sorry for the disappointment.

What if I am a current family and I want to make changes to my camper’s enrollment for this summer?
Please contact the office as soon as possible with the changes that you would like to make and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Credits and Reimbursement

Will refunds/credits be available as indicated in the parent survey if the MA Public Health Department does not grant approval for the 2020 season?

Will refunds/credits be available as indicated in the parent survey if Massachusetts sees a spike in cases during the summer?
A spike in cases will likely prompt the state of Massachusetts to revert to Stage 1, and day camps will no longer be able to operate. If this becomes the case, we will work to craft a fair and equitable credit and refund policy.

Will refunds/credits be available as indicated in the parent survey if we decided not to attend at a later date?
If you are able to roll over (at least 50% of) your tuition payment(s) to next year, we will lock you into this year’s prices and give you priority enrollment. More details about next year’s enrollment will be released later.
If you are unable to rollover, and would like your monies refunded, we will be doing so on an installment schedule, which is expected to begin this summer.

Do the changes in programming reduce the total price of camp?
It does not. In all honesty, there will actually be the same – if not greater – operational costs this summer, due to the additional equipment (and staff) needed to appropriately clean and disinfect the property and program equipment throughout the day. We are also planning to overstaff this summer, as we’re going to need all hands on deck (figuratively speaking!), so that campers will have added support throughout the day.