Aug 21 2015
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What's Happening at Camp: Last Week of Summer 2015! Aug 21

By Emmy Niinimaki

pond wk 8

Can you believe it? We say it all the time because it’s always true. Where did the summer go? How can we possibly be in the last week of camp? The animals all sense it. You could see the woodchucks and the great Blue Heron...

What's Happening at Camp: Rainy Day Fun! Aug 17

By Emmy Niinimaki

Our weather has been terrific this summer, but on Tuesday morning it started raining before first period began, with forecasts of increasing intensity throughout the day, so the decision to go on Rainy Day Schedule was not a...

2016 Application is now available! Aug 13

By Emmy Niinimaki

We’ve had many requests from parents regarding enrollment for next summer. The 2016 Camper Application is now available in your online CampMinder account! Visit the following link to see dates and pricing: ...

What's Happening at Camp: Olympics! Aug 13

By Emmy Niinimaki

What a week at Sewataro! We barely escaped the hailstorm on Tuesday afternoon by loading our buses in advance and hastening the departure process. We also got most of the Parent Driver campers loaded as well with only a few...

What's Happening at Camp: Swimming! Aug 4

By Emmy Niinimaki

Remember January, February, and March’s cold and snow? New England native T.S. Eliot called April “the cruelest month” in the Wasteland. What a far cry from our beautifully hot July weather! Don’t worry,...