Jun 26 2015
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Camp is almost here! Jun 26

By Emmy Niinimaki

So much swirling around camp this past week, not the least of which is the unmistakable air of excitement – we can’t wait to see our campers!

This weekend is All Staff Training, and we’ve been looking forward...

Ready, Set... Jun 12

By Emmy Niinimaki

“It’s beginning to look a lot like [summer], everywhere you go…”

Sprouts Pavilion

NEWS FLASH: THE TENTS ARE UP!! There are so many signs that a new camp season is just around the corner – the perfectly manicured grounds,...

Gaga for our new Gaga Pit! Jun 5

By Emmy Niinimaki

If you mention Gaga to school-aged children, chances are their responses will be along the lines of “Cool!” And, “I love Gaga!” Mention it to an adult and chances are you’ll be met with some head...