Tribe Time


Group building and unity

At various periods throughout the day, the campers participate in Tribe Time activities, where the campers and the counselors engage with one another and create a sense of tribe community characteristic of the Sewataro experience. Every Sewataro camper is placed into a group called a tribe, and these tribes are the groups of campers and counselors that will share their Sewataro summer together. Tribe Time often takes place at the beginning of the day upon the campers’ arrival, the middle of the day during the lunch period, and at the end of the day at Water and Cookies. Tribe Time allows the campers to grow closer together with their tribe-mates through group activities that can range from tag to trivia to team-building challenges, etc. Counselors run Tribe Time with the goal of incorporating every member of the tribe into a cohesive group that shows teamwork, cooperation, friendliness, and fun. Tribe Time is another one of the many Sewataro activities that bring to life the mission of the camp by fostering the Sewataro community.